Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training

While we at the Center for Community Health Programs do not currently offer an accredited Tobacco Treatment Specialist training program, there are numerous programs available from our colleagues around the country.  

Tobacco addiction is a chronic, relapsing condition. It requires long-term, repeated and multiple interventions. A Tobacco Treatment Specialist is an invaluable addition to your team. It demonstrates your organization’s commitment to supporting tobacco users in their journey to a tobacco-free life and an enhanced level of expertise needed to address the unique needs of every smoker.   

What is a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist (CTTS)?

Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists are specially trained to provide treatment for individuals seeking to stop using tobacco. CTTSs:

  1. Understand the science behind tobacco addiction, nicotine withdrawal symptoms, and effective treatments for tobacco use
  2. Provide clear and accurate information about the causes and consequences of tobacco use
  3. Develop individualized treatment plans using comprehensive, evidence-based assessments and treatment strategies including: Clear and accurate information about effective medications and; Effective, practical, cognitive-behavioral strategies for quitting and staying quit
  4. Provide effective treatment for all forms of tobacco and nicotine use
  5. Work with a variety of specific populations including those with specific health issues
  6. Use specific, well-accepted methods for tracking individual progress, record keeping, program documentation, outcome measurement, and reporting
  7. Serve as educational resources for organizations, healthcare providers, and the general public regarding tobacco use treatment issues.

Find an Accredited Tobacco Treatment Specialist program near you.