Tobacco Dependence and Behavioral Health

Research has shown that tobacco dependence disproportionally impacts individuals living with behavioral health conditions.

Those with mental illness:

  • Smoke at higher rates than those without a behavioral health condition
  • Consume approximately 40% of all cigarettes smoked by adults in the U.S. – and smoke more frequently
  • Die almost fifteen years earlier, often from smoking-related illness
  • WANT TO and CAN quit smoking!

How Can We Help?

Health Systems for Tobacco Free NY offers technical assistance and cessation treatment resources aimed at reducing tobacco dependence among individuals with mental illness. We work side-by-side with behavioral health providers to identify strengths, barriers and opportunities to address client tobacco-dependence.

Through partnership with providers, we can:

  • Review, revise and/or create evidence-based clinical workflows that encourage provider intervention
  • Facilitate the establishment of proactive interventions
  • Build staff capacity by providing training on best-practices for addressing tobacco-dependence
  • Provide education, resources, and feedback to promote provider intervention
  • Navigate insurance coverage options and promote availability of medications and utilization of services including counseling and treatment
  • Strategize delivery of treatment to maximize reimbursement and linking payment to quality metrics
  • Establish dedicated tobacco dependence treatment staff and assess the delivery of this treatment in staff performance evaluation
  • Encourage collaboration, whenever possible, and support your organization to create a smoke-free environment to promote the health and well-being of the community (partner: Advancing Tobacco-Free Communities grant)

We invite you to explore the resources available here and/or contact us to learn more how together we can create a tobacco free New York.