Child Care Centers/Day Care Homes

Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Centers

These sites have already achieved their NYS breastfeeding friendly designation:

Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Centers 

Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Homes

Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care

Information on becoming a designated child care center/home

Child Care Center/ Day Care Home Spotlight

Nana’s Home Daycare is a Spanish-English bilingual group family daycare in Albany, NY. The owner, Maria, is exceptionally warm and welcoming and pays thoughtful attention to detail. The lactation space she created reflects these qualities.


US Breastfeeding Committee- going back to work guidance

Birthnet- ensuring birth justice

Kelly Mom- parenting source

Ask Dr Sears- parenting source

La Leche League International- lactation support

Local LLL- lactation support

Greenbush La Leche League – Breastfeeding Support

Shades of Light | Capital area postpartum support

Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) | USDA-FNS