Worksite Program

What is the Value of a Smoking Cessation Worksite Program?

Smoking cessation educational classes have been shown to be an excellent addition to an employer’s workplace wellness program. This model can be especially valuable to workers who lack time or transportation options to access these resources outside of the workplace.

For many years, SPHP offered the award-winning The Butt Stops Here (BSH) smoking-cessation program at worksites throughout the greater Capital District. We provided a trained facilitator to run the program and all the supplies needed. All an employer needed to do was recruit and register the participants!

Historically, the BSH worksite program was held on-site – at the worksite. Groups typically met once per week for seven weeks. They were often conducted at lunchtime. Many employers allowed staff to attend for one hour a week on work time.

However, in response to many persons working remotely from home, we developed a new, virtual version of the program. Since its inception in 2020, the virtual BSH (VBSH) has received rave reviews from program participants.

Are in-person and virtual workplace programs available?

We are pleased to offer both options: an on-site workplace program and a virtual workplace program. In both cases, we provide:

  •  A trained facilitator to run the group, either on-site at your location or virtually
  • All materials needed for each program participant, including a Quitters Workbook and relaxation materials
  • Marketing materials that you can tailor to promote the program to your employees
  • A 2-week supply of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) – patches or gum — to the group participants.

NOTE: If a participant has a contraindication to using the medications, a doctor’s note will be required.

Helping employees to quit smoking not only helps to save lives, but has been shown to save employers more than $4,000 per employee/per year in lost productivity and health care costs.

Is There a Cost?

 Program Cost: $350 fee for facilitator, and $45 per program participant (for materials and NRT). In some instances, a health plan such as CDPHP or MVP will over the cost for the participant.

If you would like more information about having the BSH or VBSH program offered to your employees, email Gwen Mergian at