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The Opt-to-Quit™ program is designed to support a hospital, clinic, office practice or program to provide tobacco using patients with help to stop smoking. The Opt-to-Quit™ program is a policy-driven system-wide solution for ensuring that stop smoking support is offered and accessible to patients once they leave the health care setting.

How Opt-to-Quit™Works:

   Facility assesses patient tobacco use status

    Suggested use of one or more options to inform patients:

  • Admissions         
  • Time of facility cessation intervention 
  • Bill of Rights    
  • Discharge

Secure Data Delivery Options:• Automated Data (EMR)

  • Online Entry         
  • Electronic Media       
  • Fax

Quitline contacts patient within 72 hours (or time specified by provider ) and offers services

PAR made available for facility:

  • Web-based real time          
  • Electronic or fax delivery
  • Reports comply with Joint Commission Tobacco Measures

Quitline sustains patient outreach at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months from referral (unless/until patient opts out).